Crosley record player not turning on? Here’s how to fix it

If you have read my previous blogs, you already know that I own a Pro-Ject turntable and a Crosley suitcase record player. The problem with suitcase record players is that low-quality components are often used in their production due to their budget-friendly price, which can sometimes cause issues with turning on and make you wonder if Crosley is a good record player.

I once faced the same issue with my player, but thankfully I was able to fix it by replacing the volume knob. In today’s blog, we will discuss why your Crosley record player might not be turning on and the possible reasons for it. So stay tuned!

Crosley record player not turning on possible causes and fixes

Let’s now discuss different causes why your record player is not switching on with their possible fixes.

Cause 1: No power supply

No power supply to Crosley record player

The first troubleshooting step is to check whether you have really plugged the adaptor into the power socket. I know this step may seem stupid to some, but if you ask me, I have made this silly mistake a number of times myself. 


  1. Check whether you plugged the adaptor into the power socket correctly.
  2. You can also try a different wall socket and see if it fixes the issue.   

Cause 2: Problem with power adapter 

Problem with power adapter

Another reason that can hinder your record player startup is the power adapter itself. A faulty adapter or power cord, an incompatible adapter, or an adapter not correctly plugged in can prevent the player from turning on.


  1. Ensure the power adapter is correctly connected to the wall socket.
  2. Look for any visible damage to the adapter or its cord. If you find any, get the damaged component replaced.
  3. Take a multimeter and check if the adapter supplies the record player’s required voltage. If you are not very skilled at electrical work, you can seek professional assistance.
  4. Always ensure the power adapter you use is compatible with your player.

Cause 3: ERP energy saving feature is active

A few Crosley models come with an energy-saving feature to comply with energy efficiency standards. If there is no audio input for 20 minutes, the record player automatically cuts off the power, which is an excellent step to conserve electricity.

However, this feature can sometimes cause panic for the user.


To fix the problem, turn off the record player, wait 5-10 seconds, and then turn it on again.

Cause 4: Defective volume knob

Some Crosley models do not come with the on/off switch. Hence to switch on the record player, you need to rotate the volume knob clockwise (increase volume), and a little click in sound will confirm that the record player is turned on.

If, even after rotating the volume knob in the right direction, the record player is not turning on, that means there is some problem with the volume knob, and it should be replaced.


Replace the faulty volume knob with a new one.

Note: I only recommend fixing it yourself if you are good with electronics.

Cause 5: Issue with internal wiring

Sometimes, damaged or loose wires can also prevent your record player from turning on.


If you are comfortable, carefully open the record player casing and inspect the internal connections. Look for any damaged, disconnected or loose wires. 

Note: Seek professional help if electronics are not your cup of tea, as one wrong move can further damage your record player.

Cause 6: Blown fuse

A blown fuse can hinder the power supply from your adaptor to the record player. Hence, the very first thing you need to examine is whether the fuse is working just fine. 


The AC fuse is on the circuit board right next to the transformer. Inspect the fuse by opening the casing and checking whether it is working or not. If it is working, leave it as it is. If it is not, get a new fuse that is compatible with your specific model and replace the old one.

Note: Perform this step cautiously, or you may damage your player further.

Final beat

The above are some of the common reasons why your Crosley record player doesn’t turn on. I hope that by following the above troubleshooting steps, you were able to fix your player. If it still fails to start up, it’s better to visit the Crosley support page and seek their professional help.

Remember, most Crosley record players are budget-friendly, so lower-quality components are often used in production. If you have the budget, it’s always a good idea to ditch the all-in-one record player and switch to a better entry-level turntable from Audio-Technica or Pro-Ject.

Also, if you have found other solutions besides the ones I have shared, don’t forget to share them in the comments below. 

Until then, keep enjoying your favorite records!

Russel Hawkins - About the author

About the author

Russ Hawkins is a passionate audiophile who loves to collect vinyl records. In his leisure time, you will find him either listening to his favorite music albums or playing with his dog Max. He loves writing about vinyl, turntables, record players, and everything music!

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