Cosley record player not spinning? Ways to fix it

Are you facing issues with your Crosley? It worked fine yesterday, but the record player is not spinning today. This is one of the most common problems users face, along with the Crosley not turning on.

The main reason behind these issues with suitcase record players is the low-quality components used in their production. But there’s no need to worry, as today, we will discuss the different reasons why your record player’s platter is not rotating and how you can fix it on your own. So stay tuned!

Crosley record player not spinning possible causes and fixes

Let’s now discuss different reasons why your record player is not spinning and working the way it should.

Cause 1: No power supply

Sometimes, you might forget to switch on the adapter. This may seem funny, but there have been times when I myself made the mistake of plugging the adapter into the socket and not turning it on.

No power supply


  • Check that the adapter is correctly plugged into the wall socket and turned on.
  • Using a voltmeter, ensure the power adaptor is working fine.
  • Try plugging the adapter into a different wall socket.

Cause 2: Check the tonearm switch mechanism

The tonearm switch is an automatic mechanism that starts spinning the platter when you lift the tonearm and move it towards the platter. Its purpose is to protect the record player stylus from unnecessary wear and tear, but it can sometimes cause problems too.


  1. Unlock the tonearm from the safety lock.
  2. Lift the tonearm and move it towards the platter.
  3. The platter will start spinning and will be ready to play the record.

If the platter still doesn’t spin, the issue might be with the tonearm switch.

Cause 3: Auto-stop switch is on

Auto-stop switch is on

The auto-stop feature in Crosley stops the platter from spinning once the stylus reaches the end of the record. This feature safeguards your stylus from additional damage and protects the record from unnecessary wear.

While it’s a great feature that stops the platter and protects your records from unnecessary damage, it can also cause problems by preventing you from playing a new record.


If the auto-stop feature is enabled, turn it off, and it will fix the issue.

Note: Since the auto-stop feature is disabled, you will need to turn off the turntable once the record is completed manually.

Cause 4: Inspect the belt

While turntables can be belt-driven or direct-driven, record players are mostly belt-driven.

The belt is the main component that connects the motor to the platter. However, the issue with the belt-drive mechanism is that over time, the belt can loosen up, slip off, or become completely worn out. When this happens, it needs to be replaced.

To check if the issue is with the belt, set the platter speed to 78 RPM using the speed switch and listen for the motor sound. If you hear the motor sound, it’s a clear indication that the belt has either slipped or broken and needs replacement.


If the belt has slipped off, realign it to its correct position. If it’s worn out, you can order a replacement belt compatible with your record player model and replace it by following the steps mentioned here.

Cause 5: Aux cable is plugged

The Aux feature allows you to plug your mobile or tablet into the record player with an Aux cable and use its built-in speakers. If the Aux cable is already plugged in, the record player will wait for the user to connect the other end of the cable to a media device such as a tablet, and the platter won’t spin.


Remove the aux cable from the jack, and it will be solved.

Cause 6: Phono switch is set to Bluetooth

Phono switch is set to Bluetooth

Check whether the player is set to Bluetooth phono or just phono. If it’s set to Bluetooth phono option, the platter won’t start spinning, no matter what you do.


Switch the Bluetooth phono button to phono, and it’s done.

Cause 7: Incompatible Adapter

Another reason for the issue could be the adapter, and you may not be aware of it. The adapter you are using may not provide the required electrical output to power your turntable properly.

Record players have different power requirements, so using a 9v adapter won’t work if your record player requires a 12v adapter.


Get a power adaptor that is perfectly compatible with your record player model.

Cause 8: Jammed platter

Sometimes, the issue can be a jammed platter, which is uncommon but can occur when something gets lodged between the platter and the lower surface.

Inspect the edge of the platter where it meets the rest of the record player to see if anything is stuck. The platter might be jammed from inside if nothing is visible from the outside.

It’s possible that a moving part of the platter assembly has dried up and become jammed.


  1. Remove the platter and visually inspect all the moving parts beneath it.
  2. Apply lubrication oil to each moving part of the platter and see if it frees up the jammed platter.

Cause 9: Motor issue

If you have gone through all the troubleshooting steps I mentioned above, yet the problem persists, the issue could be with the record player motor.

While a high-end turntable motor will rarely malfunction, the chances of the motor getting damaged in a record player are high due to the low-quality components used in production to keep the price affordable.


Purchase a replacement motor that is compatible with your turntable and install it.

Note: If you are unfamiliar with electronics, I recommend taking professional help.

Seek professional help

If, after following the steps mentioned, you cannot make your record player spin, it’s a good idea to seek professional help.

I recommend contacting Crosley support and letting them diagnose the issue for you.

Final beat

Due to the budget price and low-quality components used in production, you might need help with issues such as your Crosley not turning on or its platter not spinning. The troubleshooting steps above should help you get your player working again.

If you discover your own solution to fix the platter problem, please share it in the comments below. Your input could be very helpful to other people.

Until then, keep playing your favourite records!

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