Victrola vs Crosley: Which Record Player Is Best for You?

A few months back, one of my friends bought a Victrola record player for himself. As I already own a Crosley record myself, he called me up and gave me a suggestion to do a victrola vs Crosley. It sounded like a great idea to me, and I couldn’t say no to it. We eagerly wanted to know which one is better at playing vinyl records and has better audio quality.

We compared both the record players over design, audio, features, durability, ease of use, and other factors. Though it was a close competition, we were able to find which one was noticeably better.

But before I reveal that, let’s see what we’ve uncovered about both record players.

Just in case you’re in a hurry, you can jump directly to the section that explains which one is better.

Audio Quality

When we tested out both the record players, we were surprised. The sound from the Victrola built-in speakers was much better than what Crosley had to offer.

Both voices and the instruments were clear and sounded better on the victrola.

But audio quality from built-in speakers was still no match if compared to any entry-level turntable. Although with external speakers, both were able to provide decent audio quality, which is enough for anyone who is just starting up in the vinyl world.

Victrola vs Crosley: Features

Both Crosley and Victrola have identical sets of features. Hence, we cannot differentiate them on the basis of that.

victrola vs crosley, which record player is best for you

Here are the features that both the record players have:

  • Built-in speakers: Both record players have built-in speakers. So, you don’t need any external speakers to play records.
  • Portable: They can be taken anywhere and occupy very little space.
  • RCA Output: External speakers can be connected using an RCA cable.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: You can use any wireless device, like a Bluetooth speaker or wireless headphones. Also, you can turn both record players into Bluetooth speakers by connecting them to your phone or computer.
  • Three speeds: Both can play records at 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM.
  • Auto-stop function: Both have the functionality to stop as soon as the record stops playing.
  • Color: Different color options are available to choose from.


I really like both of these record players due to their vibrant suitcase designs and tons of color options to choose from.

At first glance when you look at both the record players, you will hardly notice any difference between the two. They both are of the same size, come in the same suitcase layout, and some of the color options to choose from are also the same. Even the texture of the suitcase is quite similar.

But when you have a closer look, you will find that button and volume knob on Victrola are bigger and clearly marked as compared to Crosley.


Durability is questionable in the case of suitcase players. In order to keep the prices low and within budget, the quality is somewhere compromised.

While entry-level turntables can keep working for decades, you cannot expect that level of durability from the highly affordable suitcase players. 

My friend and I purchased Crosley and Victrola a few months back. We still have to figure out which works fine for the longest period. We will see and get back to you with an update.

Ease of use 

They both are easy to use by a first-time user. The unboxing and setup are also very easy. To get started, all you need to do is remove the box, hook the player to the socket, and you can start spinning your favorite record.

The best thing about these players is everything from controls to the features is mentioned in the user manual to get you started with the players in no time.

Tracking force

I heard rumors about suitcase players having excessive tracking force. But I never trusted them until I did a tracking force check by myself using my stylus tracking force gauge. I was shocked to see that they both were overloading my tracking force gauge which can measure tracking force up to 5.0 grams.

It clearly meant that their tracking force was way higher than 5 grams. Upon doing some research, I found out they both exerted a tracking force of 6 grams on the vinyl surface. Honestly, it’s too much.

More tracking force can cause a lot of wear to your records and can get worse with a worn-out stylus.

Option to Connect external speakers

The Victrola and Crosley have the option to connect external speakers through an RCA cable. There is an RCA output port at the back of the players that outputs a line-level signal and lets you connect to any powered speakers as well as amplifiers and speakers.

There are also models of Victrola and Crosley that let you pair and connect to a wireless device. There is a Bluetooth button available on both the player through which you can connect to your wireless speakers.

While connecting my wired external speaker through an RCA cable, I could not tell any difference in audio quality between the two players. Victoria had the edge over Crosley while playing through the built-in speakers, but with the external speakers hooked in, they were both at par in sound quality.

Plugging in headphones

You have the option to connect wired headphones to both players. There is a 3.5 mm output jack in both the record players. Once the headphones are connected, the built-in speakers are disabled, and you can control the volume of the headphones using the knob on the players. 

I connected my wired speakers to both the players. The base I experienced was much better. Decent headphones provide a superior base than the built-in speakers.

And in case you have a wireless headphone, you can also connect it to the Victrola or Crosley the same way you connect wireless speakers to them. Just turn on Bluetooth on the player and headphones, pair, and connect, and you are good to enjoy the music.

Use as a Bluetooth speaker

Both the Victrola and Crosley come with Bluetooth features that let you connect your smartphone and computer to the record player and use them as Bluetooth speakers.

I tried connecting my Samsung Galaxy S23 with both the players, and both were connected in no time.

Final words: Which one is better?

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed record player offers a slightly better audio experience than Crosley because of its better built-in speakers. However, when you connect external speakers on both the record player, audio quality is somewhat similar. Setting aside the sound quality, the design and features of both record players are nearly the same.

The suitcase record players are good if you are starting up or want something on a budget.

But my suggestion would be to go for a better turntable from Audio-Technica such as AT-LP120XBTUSB. They are built better, look better, and produce better music out of your favorite records. CHEERS!


If you can spend a little more, I recommend going for the Audio Technica AT-LP120XBTUSB. It has a better tonearm, comes with Bluetooth, is made of better components, has better sound output, and ultimately offers better value for money than any suitcase record player available in the market.
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