Creative Ways to Display Your Vinyl Records

The story goes back to the day when my office colleagues came to my home for Thanksgiving dinner. This was their first time at my place, and they were amazed by all the vinyl artwork in my living room. Everyone already knew how big of a fan I am for vinyl records and turntables, but they were not aware of how aesthetically I display vinyl records.

Today, I am going to share the list of ways through which you can showcase your record collection. So, allow me to reveal my vinyl aesthetic secrets with you. CHEERS!

Creative Ways to Display Your Vinyl Records

Vinyl Album Rails

Vinyl Album Rails

Want to showcase your favorite albums? Try using album rails. Album rails are small shelves or ledges attached to the wall horizontally and allow you to showcase your favorite record albums. They are easy to use as all you need to do is slide your favorite album between the upper and lower rail and step back to admire a beautiful looking setup. Another characteristic of the rails is that they often have a lip in the front to protect your records from falling.

Vinyl rail setups are often found in record stores, and you can use the same concept to elevate your space’s visual appeal.

Wall-mounted shelves

Wall-mounted shelves for Lp's

Another option is to install wall-mounted shelves to display your records. You can arrange them in a specific order, alphabetically, and by artist name. The only limitation of a wall-mounted shelf is that you can only keep a small number of records, which eventually depend upon the length of the shelf. However, you can overcome this limitation by installing more shelves.

Record stand

Record stand

Another amazing way to display individual records is a record stand. You can either purchase or make your DIY record stand to hold the record. The best thing about a vinyl stand is that you can vertically keep your records on a shelf or a table. It makes it easy for you to reach your records and also adds elegance to your room.

The way I use my record stand is that I put it next to my turntable on a shelf and keep my favorite album over it. It gives me the convenience to play the LP whenever I like it.

Book Trolley

Book Trolley

If you love the nostalgic appeal of vinyl records, chances are you will also love the visual appeal of a book trolley. We all know, a book trolley is a librarian’s friend that helps to transfer a collection of books to their respective shelves with ease. If you own a sizable number of records, a book trolley is a good option for storing them

The only best and worst aspect of using trolley shelves is that they are amazing for storing your record collection but eventually hide the vinyl album art. But as long as the vinyl records are vertical and not stacked, dust-free, and dry, trolley shelves are one of the best options for displaying your records. Lastly, don’t forget that book trolleys are easier to move around than regular shelves, which is another good thing about them.

Fun Fact: There is a roundabout in Lyss, Germany, that is a giant vinyl turntable with a diameter of 12 meters. Read more about it here.

Upscale furniture

Upscale furniture for records

Vinyl collectors who are passionate about vinyl have upscale furniture to showcase their favorite albums. You can also do the same by purchasing any desk or cabinet that matches your room design and turning it into a safe place for vinyl.

A dedicated piece of furniture is the best investment not only to display your collection but also to protect it from dust when it is not in use. If you are good with building stuff, you can also take up a DIY project to build one that caters to your design needs.

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Old records as wall art

Old records as wall art

We all have some records that are damaged to the extent that they cannot be played anymore. If you have a collection of records that have been lying in your garage for quite a while, you can use them to make wall art. There are tons of DIY tutorials that you can find on YouTube to get you started with your wall art project. Here is the one I like personally.


Record Frames

One of the old school methods is to showcase your favorite record using a frame. You can literally frame a record, and it will be a simple yet elegant addition to your room’s overall look.

Final beat

There are multiple ways to display your records. These were some of the ways that I use personally to make my living room interior blend with vinyl albums and reflect my passion and love for analog music.

By now, the ways I have shared have given you a clearer picture of how you can display your LPs in an elegant way that reflects your taste in music.

Also never forget protecting your LPs from scratches and cleaning them at least once a week is equally important as showcasing them.

If you have a question or need my suggestion about something you are confused about, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I will be more than happy to help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to display vinyl records?
It is entirely safe to display vinyl records on a wall or a table, provided you keep them vertically away from direct sunlight, excess heat, and moisture.

Q: What is the best way to carry vinyl records?
You can use a box or a book box to store and carry your vinyl records perfectly. Just make sure you keep them vertical and don’t stack them on top of each other, as this can cause the vinyl to warp.

Russel Hawkins - About the author

About the author

Russ Hawkins is a passionate audiophile who loves to collect vinyl records. In his leisure time, you will find him either listening to his favorite music albums or playing with his dog Max. He loves writing about vinyl, turntables, record players, and everything music!

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